2018 New Year Resolution Of Pakistani Celebrities

We got our readers New Year Resolution of Pakistan’s top Models and Actors, as we know people always want to hear from them. We have asked 2018 goals of Danish Taimoor, Naeem Haque, Adnan Sidiqqui, Ahsan Khan, Jahan-E-Khalid Fareedi, Tipu Sharif Yorguc, Sana Fakhar, Noor Bokhari and Shazia Naz Khan. Indeed things like family, charity, hard-work, strength, health, practicing Islam and being a better human being all matters for them.

Danish Taimoor is one of the most handsome hunk of Pakistani entertainment industry, Danish is married to actress Aiza Khan but is still CRUSH! Of many girls no wonder.

“I won’t say that I’ll quit this or that because I already have a disciplined lifestyle. I just want to be better as an individual like in my work, fitness, mental health and of course my relationships. I want to be a better son, husband, Father and indeed human being. Above all I want to be a better Muslim. Well yes I also have to work on my anatomy, the physique I never had before is my goal.” Said, Danish Taimoor. Well it looks like this guy is going to give some tough time to other handsome male actors of industry this time.

Naeem Haque is a Pakistani Actor and Model, viewers witnessed his talent in movie YALGHAAR recently, this brilliant actor is busy with his upcoming movie “MAAN JAO NAA” these days, when he was asked about his New Year resolution. He replied that my New Year resolution is strength.

“Strength does not come from winning; your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength and much needed for all” Naeem Haque added.

Adnan Sidiqqui handsome and ever green Actor/Producer replied something really amazing which we can’t imagine and that’s:

“Alveena my New Year resolution is to have no New Year resolutions! I’ll go with the flow.”

I laughed out loud and said why Adnan? He added, because nobody follows their New Year resolutions. Everyone is same every year and that’s how it is. Didn’t this prove Adnan is very genuine person?

Ahsan Khan Chupan Chupai Actor got some serious family goals like always.

“New Year resolution as always is to spend more time with my beloved family and moreover I will take out time for less privileged people in any possible means. I would give back to Pakistan as my country has already given me a lot. Plus I’m keen on working for some new exciting projects.” Said, Ahsan Khan.

Jahan-E-Khalid Fareedi Pakistani Model with tall height and sexy looks has always been the eye candy for girls, he also have some serious plans for 2018 not only for himself but for others too.

“My new year resolution is to reach out to masses as much as I can, in order to educate and create awareness among youth about health and healthy lifestyle indeed. Alongside I will do my best to help the needy get free and best health facilities at Hormone Lab.”

Tipu Shareef Yorguc is such a nice soul that he said he will try his level best to do justice with humans and animals.

Sana Fakhar Pakistan’s famous film actress is pretty busy with drama shoots and in 2017 she has been associated with international projects as well. When asked about her New Year resolution she very excitedly with wearing a beautiful smile replied that: She will try to become a better person in 2018 as God has given her another year ahead to live.

Noor Bokhari is a TV host and former Pakistan Film Actress, who recently started practicing Islam in real means and quits from her acting career, she is now a role model for many of us. However with covering Hijab she’s still interested in hosting a decent show.  We asked her also about 2018 resolution.

“I am reading more and more every day about Islam In fact I will try my level best to help the Muslim Ummah. as much as possible and will guide them to come towards success that is our Deen-ay-Islam.”

Shazia Naz is a Pakistani actress she works selective but her work is always classy no wonder, we inquired a beautiful actress about her 2018 resolution.

“I’m going to stick to good healthy habits I have developed, reduce stress, start remembering important dates, volunteer and give more to charity and spend quality time with people who matter in my life” Shazia Naz, said.

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