AKD! Stock Market Guru Believes That India Will Not Dare To Attack Pakistan.

Aqeel Karim Dhedhi (AKD) believes that India will never dare to attack Pakistan as they understands the consequences of any such move. We are an atomic power with one of the world’s best army.

Pakistan never hurt India nor interfere in any of their issues, India has got more than 20 groups of separatist but Pakistan never took advantage of it even Pakistan can also use these groups against India. But India always try to poke their nose in our affairs: Bangladesh accident is in front of every one, now they are after Balochistan.

Trade is not possible when both of the party’s hearts are crystal clear. Pakistan never play blame game our Pakistan Army even caught their spies. Pakistan and India both were separated by British that is why there is nothing to fight in now. India is a huge country they should be disciplined, stop wasting their and others time in negative activities So that we all work on eradication of poverty and education rather than war.


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