Almas Hamirani Pakistan’s fashion designer wins an award at “5th Corporate Ambassador Awards.”

Fashion is a popular practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories and makeup. Fashion is a distinctive trend in the style in which a person dresses. Fashion is a status symbol actually and Pakistan has a lot of talent in this industry, no wonder we have designers from Pakistan who are asset to our country. Almas Hamirani is one of our proud fashion designers, she owns her label named “Desire” she is US based Pakistan born fashion designer her passion is to play with colours, curves, shades and shapes. Almas participates frequently in national and international fashion shows and exhibitions.

“I love working on black colour, fusion cuts are always fun for me. I like wearing Chiffon and pure silk with digital prints.” Added, Hamirani.
She started designing on a small scale by doing outfits for friends and family but she didn’t stop it there, her passion for creativity pushed her into expanding her work. Now she works on every day wear to all the way to bridals. Her collection is designed keeping in mind the demands of today’s modern women. Almas focuses on by making outfits which stands out due to its unique silhouettes, stunning fusion cuts using wide range of patterns, fabrics, different and unique style of embroidery using pearls and diamontes with touch of sequence and thread, at very affordable price. Recently she won the award at “5th Corporate Ambassador Awards” for her services.
“Fashion industry is a big market to work in but I believe there is too much competition going on these days, if you want to stand out in this market, you have to come up with your own original and creative work. Inspiration is always a good idea but imitating someone’s work is not a good choice at all.” Designer: Almas Hamirani said.

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