Approximately 35 People Injured In Violent Clashes In Karachi On Saturday

Faizabad protesters supporters went completely violent yesterday unexpectedly violence erupted in Karachi on Saturday during protest mounted by activists of religious parties in solidarity with members and supporters of Tehreek Labbaik Ya Rasool and Sunni Tehreek Allah in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. At least 35 people were injured at least 2 people were policemen were among injured. Shopping markets were closed and public transport disappeared from the roads, which really caused immense problems to the citizen. Television News Channels were off-air and are still not on-air, internet was also found week at some areas. Protesters blocked roads around 30 places in Karachi.

Super Highway and national highway was also blocked, according to sources in police, the protesters blocked tracks near Al-Asif Square as a result traffic was suspended between Karachi and Hyderabad via the super highway. People travelling from Jamshoro and Hyderabad to Karachi took the way of Jamshoro Toll Plaza and travel safe.

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