There was a time when rock music was hugely popular in Pakistan. Bands like Junoon, EP, Call, Mizraab, Karavan were highly popular with the millennial population and rock concerts were common in the urban cities of Pakistan. Last decade saw a dying down of rock music and corporate brands overtook the presentation of music. Fusion of east and west became the norm and pop music overtook the music scene. It was only after Pepsi launched their famed TV series, Pepsi Battle of Bands that rock bands came up on the surface again. Yet, the country and ardent fans were still hungry for good rock original music.

21, a top four band from Pepsi Battle of Bands got hugely popular with their original tracks like Taaray and Mein Bolun. Taaray became a mini rock anthem and soon the band was seen performing it all over Pakistan. The song was being covered all around by bands from colleges and schools. 21 was soon being identified as the Green Day of Pakistan or reincarnation of Noori. Their songs had a good energy to them and were perfect treat for hungry concert goers.

Chill Mahol Te Mettay Chawal is the new release of band. The song strikes you right where it needs to. The song starts with a bang and keeps the listener glued to it. Soon, the chorus kicks in and the listener cannot resist from singing along. Moreover, the chorus and the lyrics hugely motivate anyone who is facing ups and downs in their lives. The song produced by Sarmad Ghafoor reminds one of the good old Noori songs such as Dil Ki Qasam and Jana Tha Hum Ne. The Song definitely is a good rock release and can be termed as one of the best to come out in Pakistan since a decade now.  The solo played by Mashoo is a treat to the ears.

The video of the song directed by Danial Anees is equally well done. The song features Kainat Imtiaz from Pakistan Women Cricket Team. The theme revolves around determination in the face of adversary. The women cricket team can be seen practicing. There are shots from real cricket matches. Kainait has been shot in the gym working hard to reclaim her victory.

In conclusion, Chill Mahol is definitely a great addition after Taaray and Mein Bolun. The band is back to its root and has not disappointed its hard core listeners who were expecting the band to release a punk number after Hum Toh, a mellow soft number. Hum Toh itself was great song but not the type that the band is famous for. Chill Mahol is for sure in the list of top 10 rock songs to come out in a decade in Pakistan.  

Here’s the song check it out!

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