Council Of Islamic Ideology of Pakistan, Aiming to Pass New Bill & Few Features Can Bring Disasters.

The Council of Islamic Ideology of Pakistan CII, is a constitutional body that is based on 20-members. CII is a constitutional body which gives recommendations to parliament regarding Islamic laws. However, parliament is not bound to consider all its recommendations, on and off they bring amendments in bill and approved one’s from parliament becomes part of constitution. The council has proposed the bill which is no wonder positive but few points are negative and against women as well, CII is a blessing for Pakistan it has done so much good for the country but all the features they propose are not always right. Analysts and columnists are just talking about the negative features they proposed why are they not looking in to the positive aspects as well.

Salient features of women protection bill proposed by the Council of Islamic Ideology are:

1. Legally no one can force any women to convert her religion, mature non-Muslim woman can accept Islam.

This feature of bill is extremely appreciable and amazing, in fact it gives a feel of comfort to women.

2. Marrying a women with Holly Book “Quran” will be Haram.

This law needs a lot of appreciation because in interior areas of Pakistan women face this issue commonly.

3. All the responsibilities of wife should be fulfilled by her husband, even thought if she is too much rich, she is not responsible to spend her money for house or other expenses.

Making this feature obligatory on men will give security to women as these days a lot of men are marrying women to make them their success ladder or to eat all their money, this way wife would understand that her money is all her money only, while husband also have to meet her expenses. It is so shameful a lot of men openly ask their wives to use their money in home expenses etc.

 4. Any form of art known as dancing and singing will not be allowed.

This is something to look in to it seriously, because singing & dance has penetrated so much in our society, to save the ideology of Islamic Republic of Pakistan this should be stopped. Girls from good families are so obsessed with this vulgar culture and they have started dancing in family weddings while they are half nude, In recent past years we have witnessed so much vulgar content in media, public events and theatres. 

5. It is obligatory on every women to feed her baby till two years.

This is completely fine as per Quran-e-Pak it is a mothers job to feed her kid and no wonder every mother’s preference is to feed her baby with her milk. Indeed everybody knows this but in certain conditions women is not able to feed her milk but this law will force every women to feed her milk what so ever even she’s not healthy.


6. Husband is allowed to ‘lightly’ beat wife. 

If we talk about majority Pakistani men they are still not broad minded they usually misuse their wives being husband and claims that Islam consider men as superior and they are allowed to do what they want, if this bill will pass this will create disastrous situation for poor wives and extremist men will be more likely to do what the want. Every day a lot of women in our country face domestic violence plus mental torture from their husbands, this feature of the bill will induce extremists to go more wild. Women have to face discrimination and violence on a daily basis in terms of of domestic violence in the country it includes physical, mental and emotional abuse.

7. No co-education after primary classes will be allowed.

Education is obligatory on every Muslim, Islam is a religion of peace and harmony which promotes education, studying separately means we will need more educational institutes, Pakistan has a lot of problems to solve it can not only work on one issue. There is no harm in studying in co-education in fact co-education gives you more confidence and exposure in life. Having a thinking that co-education brings vulgarity, is extremely wrong because that all depends on individuals up-bringing by his parents.  There are a lot of people who never studied in co-education but came out much vulgar and spoiled in their lives, then who’s responsible for that? CII, Pakistan government or their parents? Of-course their parents. One can never bring religion and good deeds forcefully, religion is something eternal and personal.

8. A female Nurse cannot attend/treat male patient.

What if a male is in a critical condition and he can go severe or die within minutes? Who is responsible for that? This will actually create worst situation in hospitals, a lot of hospitals even credible hospitals are lazy in services at times. Recently an incident took place in KPK where a transgenders activist Alisha, was shot six times on a Sunday in different parts of her body. Some reports suggest this was a hate crime, while others claim it was the act of a criminal gang that exploits the community to shoot pornographic videos. One can imagine that Alisha was shot because she resisted, she was kept waiting for an hour while the authorities debated on whether she belonged in the women or men’s ward. Finally! after protests from the patients, she was shift to the men’s, where incredibly enough, she was treated in front of the lavatory, as far away from the other patients as possible.

9. Women will not be a part of any reception of foreign dignitaries.

This seems quite non-sense why the objection is on reception/event with regard to foreign delegations. It means women can go to internal events of country? why objection is not on other events then. In fact when foreign delegations or diplomats come they bring along their wives too, where will their wives go?

10. Women officials will not be allowed to go with “NAMEHRAM” officers on foreign tours.

What if women go outside of office or city with her colleague then it’s okay? Sounds insane, these days women are serving in every profession, if their job requirement is to go abroad then?

11. Women are not allowed to work in public service messages and advertisements.

CII is working actively but this is to keep in my mind all their decisions are not good and not even bad all the time.





One thought on “Council Of Islamic Ideology of Pakistan, Aiming to Pass New Bill & Few Features Can Bring Disasters.”

  • Taqi Akhunzada

    June 12, 2016 at 6:04 am

    Good write up with rational and logical reasons IIC should revisit to their bill keeping on view this appropriate piece of lines.


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