Pakistan Tying Bond with Countries, where diplomats are working as most important tool.

Bi-lateral relationships of countries are strengthened by different strategies made by diplomats of both the countries. Through participating in deeper academic linkages, CSR activities, development projects and enhanced cultural exchanges, the multifaceted relationship is being enriched in multiple dimensions. The role of Consulates is pivotal in all these efforts. They are well-placed to help bring the two private sectors closer and increase awareness about the trade, commercial and investment opportunities in the countries. Pakistan has good diplomatic relationship with different countries including Switzerland, Turkey, China, Korea, Japan, Oman and UAE. We are going to discuss achievements, ways of different diplomat’sand concerned authorities tying bond between countries.


Turkey has worked with Pakistan in areas of manufacturing armoured vehicles, tanks, military communication systems and naval patrol boats.Contributions are made towards the growth of Pakistan-Turkey imagestrade, economic and cultural ties. Recently, Consul General Turkey Murat Tarman visited Press-Conference of the Pakistani up-coming movie “Zehr-e-Ishq” as this movie will be shooting in Turkey as well. Such ventures will not only bring money but it will create strong friendship bond as well, our talents would learn from each other and it will be a huge exposure.


Emil Wyss is an active, goal oriented and the diplomat who believes in a “win win situation” He was born in a small city the canton of Zug, located in the heart of Switzerland. He additionally obtained a degree in International Studies at New York University. It was really nice visiting Sindh University, I was very much impressed from their museum;we interacted with students there and in Mehran University as well. Culture is really important in every country so you need culture of the past this is important to have solid footprints, you need to know who you are. swissflag1Then you need to have contemporary art as well, because art has privilege as it’s something out of the box. We had contemporary art exhibition at Mohatta Palace with Pakistani famous artist Ameen Gulgee with collaboration of Nestle. Our Islamabad embassy also had an exhibition of contemporary art in the garden of embassy because art and culture are very important we need to promote young artists as well. It’s not necessary that we have to like a piece artist has designed, but we have to respect every piece of artist you cannot say him this piece is ugly as every artist makes it with hard work and his own creativity.


The relations between Oman and Pakistan are excellent close, warm, brotherly, cordial and deep. Relations between Pakistan and Oman are characterized by friendliness, cooperation and common perception over regional and international issues.Oman has an embassy in Islamabad and a Consulate-General in Karachi, whereas Pakistan has an embassy in Muscat. Oman is the nearest Arab country to Pakistan. 30% of Omanis are of Balochi origin from Pakistan’s Balochistan province, having settled in Oman over a hundred years ago. Gwadar was gifted to Pakistan by a Sultan, this proves great relations. Abdullah Hamed-Al-Shamsi is currently Consul General of Oman in Pakistan and is quite active.

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