Espetada And Madeira Red At Nando’s Pakistan

Escape the ordinary and try the #Espetada #TasteTheCarnival; flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken thighs, stuffed with garlic, parsley and feta cheese offered with a choice of regular Side and Drink (Madeira Red, Refresh Mint and Bottomless Coke) only for Rs.950 + GST #NandosPK were some posters we witnessed on web from Nandos. On 16th of September the event was organized for bloggers by Nandos in the event #TasteTheCarnival there was an amazing activity planned for bloggers it was a scavenger hunt kind of a thing. The entire hunt was interestingly planned as it has all the essential elements which made everyone on their toes. They were divided in the team of 5 individuals and the fun began at the Sindhi Mulim (SMCHS) branch, after performing a little activity at the (SMCHS) bloggers were headed to Nando’s Seher branch and then from their they went to Boat Basin, the activity ended at boat basin where few journalists also joined including me to experience the Espetada carnival.


The food tasted good, there were options of mild and spicy but honestly speaking I prefer very spicy food usually sort of Mexican cuisine so there spicy option was not spicy at all, in fact both tasted same. Coming on to the Espetada specification the presentation was lovely “food uber cool” The chicken was perfectly tender, moist and perfect aroma. The Espetada is definitely a must try at Nando’s the best part about the meal was it’s reasonable with great presentation and quantity. The thing which I loved during my meal was Madeira Red it was an amazing drink and one of my favorite beverage at Nando’s no.

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