INDECISIVENESS: The Death Of Your Life You Witness Before You Die.

INDECISIVENESS is one thing that i think is a bigger problem than Fear, Failure, Struggles, Lessons, Phobias, Depression, Anxiety and whatever else that can come to your mind. Because indecision is something that keeps you away from learning, facing your fears, Rewards, Successes, Accomplishments, and everything that could possibly bring you enlightenment and happiness. Indecisiveness will prevent you from taking the first step.

It is the mother of all evils in a human mind. Everything and i mean everything stems from this problem. It breeds fear in humans but never even lets them face the fear so the chances of overcoming your fears are zero. It never lets you become successful because people who can not take a decision can not start something, and if you can not start something than how will you ever get to your destination.

Its like deciding to go to Paris, You do your research on the web about Paris, See the beautiful pictures, learn about the places to see, Look up the restaurants and shows and events happening in Paris during your stay, learn a few phrases from Google Translation in French, Go to your travel agent, Buy a ticket, get to the airport, go through check-in and immigration, get your boarding pass and then start thinking, waiting in the boarding lounge, should you get on the plane or not. Was it a good decision to choose Paris or should you have gone to another destination. Will it turn out to be according to your expectations or not.

What if this happened and what if that happened while you were in Paris… While you are thinking about all this and BEING INDECISIVE, The plane leaves. Now if you were using your faith, Islam, as an excuse, you will say..Yehi Allah Ki Marzi thi Ke Plane Chala Gaya.. Maybe there was a MASLEHAT in me missing the plane..Maybe..Maybe Maybe… ALL WRONG.

Do not confuse your own mess ups with Allah’s doings. The biggest of indecisive people i have met, and if they happened to be Muslims, they immediately bring Allah into covering up their own faults. What they dont understand is that Allah wants and likes people who make decisions. Decision to do good for others, decision to not lie, decision to pray or to fast, decision to go to Hajj, Decision to support your family with Halal earnings, decision to do everything. You will be questioned for your DEEDS in the AAKHIRAT (Judgement Day) and those deeds had to be done by taking a decision to do them. Without a decision, nothing can be done.

People become indecisive based on the fear of not being good at something they want to do. Remember one thing and remember it ALWAYS, You not being good at something is the FIRST STEP towards you becoming good at it. As long as you have passion for it, what you suck at in the beginning will become your expertise later. But your indecisiveness will prevent you from getting good at anything. From starting that business, Or getting a better job. Or marrying someone you love. Or traveling to another country. Or changing a house. Indecisiveness will not only RUIN your own life but it will ruin the lives of your children and your spouse and your loved ones because a man who can not make a decision for himself should not be made responsible for making decisions for his family.

Never fear your past for making a decision for your future. your past does not dictate your future. Never use your previous failures or your current fear to justify your indecisiveness. I want you to know that i am a living proof that Pain will make you stronger, tears will make you braver and heartbreaks will make you wiser, failures will make you sharper, loneliness will make you enlightened, rejection will make you more determined…. But nothing can make you anything, if you do not take the decisions. Dont ever be scared and give up, because brave people are also scared, cowards are not the only ones who are scared. The only difference is that Cowards get scared and give up, heroes get scared but go on. You decide, what do you want to be ? I Hope A hero….

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