Is Ali Azmat’s and Umair Jaswal’s viral video fights real or just a drama?

Leaked Video Clip of #AliAzmat he doesn't seems happy with new #generation singers. He's especially #Bashing over #UmairJaswal watch it.

Publiée par Affairs Pakistan sur Mardi 26 juillet 2016

Social media always come up with something interesting for its users; recently Ali Azmat’s and Umair Jaswals fight videos gone viral on internet too. There was a leaked video in which Ali looked completely disappointed with current generation musicians but he clearly hit Umair Jaswal in his message. Why Umair? Why not other musician? As per Azmat’s verdict you cannot be a rock star by singing a single song. The most funny part of his statement was “Koi oohh aaahhh eeehhh kar k ya 1 gana ga k phir dramoon mai a kar rockstar nahi bansakta” Azmat actually refers to “Summi Meri Wari” a coke studio song in which Umair also performed. Audience really enjoyed Summi Meri Wari no wonder but on the other hand people also laughed harder on Umair’s style of singing which was kind of shouting.

After 1st leaked video right after 2 days Umair replied through social media: “Ahh! Just saw Ali Azmat’s leaked video it sounds funny you are entirely on your own opinion but you can’t force it on any one. I believe you should look forward to future, better talk relevant, my fans are supporting me in comments I would say let it be he’s an aged guy.”

Another video came out by Ali in which he said, “Umair is like my brother but it’s his mistake that by making 1 album or 3 songs he know better than us and if he thinks that just by singing a single song is a rockstar so we can fix that too.”

Umair again replied Ali on his 2nd video where he said: “Ali you and I represent two different generations of musicians and if you dislike our generation music and you want to fix it so I would say Mr. bring it on.”

Uzair’s Jaswal elder brother of Umair Jaswal gave his verdict on this fight which was: “Both of the stars are good in their own way, as I’m Umairs elder bro so I know he listen to Ali Azmat since childhood we all followed and are inspired from Junoons music in fact whole generation is. But the way they are fighting is not right at all they should fix it some other way rather than fighting like this, so they can prove who’s a rockstar.”

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