Justice Helpline Organizes First Women Law Conference In Karachi

Justice Helpline organizes First women law conference in Karachi. Senior Judge Sindh High Court Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi graced the event as guest of honour and Chairperson Human Rights Commission Justice (R) Majida Rizvi Presided the event.

Sindh High Court Judges, Advocates, Female Judges, Media persons and law students participated in the conference. However students from S.M Law College and SZABUL were in high strength. Article 25 of the Constitution of Pakistan states that all citizens are equal before the law and there shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex. However, there are certain professions which are male dominant globally like Legal profession and media. Such events will encourage women to practice legal profession in Pakistan no wonder.

Speakers included: Justice Ashraf Jahan, Justice (R) Majida Rizvi, Justice Kausar Sultana, Atam Parkash Patron-In-Chief Justice Helpline, Advocate Nadeem Sheikh, Chairman organizing committee and former President Sindh High Court Bar Association Shahab Sarki, Advocate Shaista Sarki, Advocate G.N Qureshi, Advocate Nadeem Sheikh, Advocate Naeem Qureshi, Dr Rahim Awan, Dr Qazi Khalid, Senator Haseeb Khan and others.

Atam Parkash highlighted the collective efforts being done by them through the platform of justice helpline; he acknowledged Shahab Sarki and Nadeem Sheikh for winning cases for minorities. He reported that they filed a petition on Knife Attacker who created a wave of terror among women recently. Moreover they filed a petition for the increment of disabled person quota and got success in it in Sindh. One of the best cases they won for minority’s right was of Temple in Tando Adam. He added that legal education empowers you and if one has three kids one should be in Army, second child in Law and the third one in Media. In fact if any among these professions is someone’s neighbor they are pretty lucky and safe.

Dr Rahim said at the event that Chief Justice of Pakistan works really hard and he don’t even let us leave Supreme Court before 10 pm he says that Dr. It’s high time to pay back to country. I say that Law and Justice Commission is with Justice helpline and we strongly appreciate the efforts of the team.

“We talk about women empowerment but we forget that it is men who support us to come forward actually out of our home, because of their support and motivation only we achieve our goals. Do not forget that commitment and hard-work is ours but support is of men. Men supported me everywhere even in my field, without men support women can’t do anything. What I’m today is because of my brothers and father it was said that there is no place for women in High court but I became first judge for High Court. I appeal Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar that women should be given place in Supreme Court too and I believe that soon women will fill that space too.” Justice (R) Majida Rizvi said.

Dr Qazi Khalid announced about the scholarships presented on merit to needy students at SZABUL. Moreover, President Justice Helpline Nadeem Sheikh Advocate said women Law conference will be organized every year for the betterment and empowerment of women. Professor Afrooze-Ul-Haq S.M Law College read a poem “Aurat Naam Hay Mera” written by her.

“Why to fight for equality, we should know woman is an individual and women is superior in Islam. We all should read and understand our holly book Quran, we all should remember to keep peace and harmony in the world.” Senior judge Sindh High Court Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi said.

Haider Imam Rizvi (President) Karachi Bar Council, appreciated women lawyers for their efforts and encouraged female law students to practice the profession as usually girls take law degree but then don’t practice it or they prefer in-house practice only due to the hard litigation process. He added that Karachi Bar is with Justice Helpline.

“Strength of a woman doesn’t reflect with degrees or staying out of home 24 X 7, empowerment is about keeping balance in life. Woman should always have a balanced life.” Advocate Shaista Sarki Said.

Justice (R) Qamaruddin wohra is first PHD in Law and currently part of Humdard law faculty also graced the event with his presence.

“I have been part of passing so many bills, some of them were for women and indeed it was a tough job to get women bills passed, one was especially against women harassment. In fact a lot of senators had perception that there is nothing like harassment to cut the story short they believed if woman will not come out of home there will be no harassment. They wanted women to be at home only. I must say ladies power is yours, you should know how to use it.” Senator Haseeb Khan said.

“I say man is a foundation of the family and woman is the head of the family” Advocate and professor at SZABUL G.N Quershi said.

Shahab Sarki concluded the event by acknowledging audience for coming over and making the First Women Law Conference a huge success.

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