Our Revolutionists Of Truck Art Across The Globe.



Truck Art is an art form that originated in Pakistan. It features unique styles and designs that bring beauty to commercial trucks, truck drivers invest great time in making sure that their trucks are the well decorated. This art is formally known as “Phool Patti.” Phool Patti, has become its own established culture in Pakistan it is not only used on trucks, but is also be found in museum exhibitions, art galleries, home décor, fashion clothing brands and gift items etc.



Phool Patti is Social Enterprise and entrepreneur Project, founded by Ali Salman Anchan he is also the creative director of Phool Patti, Anchan is working actively to promote image of Pakistan’s artists across the globe, indeed he is one of the social artists in Pakistan. Haider Ali is the CEO and Head Truck Artists of Phool Patti. They have created several kinds of designs with a fusion of Pakistani folk art and western designs. The amazing truck art which we witness today in Pakistan so clearly is all because of Phool Patti team, in 90’s when the truck art was not that much familiar among people the amazing Phool Patti started the initiative of promoting it through different mediums. Ali Anchan and Haider Ali are childhood friends they worked hard on their vision of truck art promotion. They do exhibitions and conduct classes globally so that people living in other countries can learn this unique art work. They are teaching this art form in colleges and universities as well as creating job opportunities with training for those in need of employment. This team used this art in commercial way rather than only having it as a hobby, they have worked with a lot of fashion designers too.  In fact they have been the motivation internationally and we witness truck art in different clothing and shoe brands as well.







Phool Patti team members have taken their art globally few of the countries include: USA, Canada, Turkey, India and England. Few of the achievements of this amazing team includes: Switzerland Consulate Project, they worked on Switzerland Consulate Karachi Lobby wall mural and Consulate General residents entrance. They designed two Swiss cows for “Pakistan-Switzerland Friendship Exhibition” at Karachi Airport on Truck Art theme.  During the “Pakistan-Switzerland Friendship Exhibition” two life-size models of Swiss cows painted by team of Phool Patti in traditional Pakistani truck-art were put on display and were used as a guest book, which at the end of the three months activity were auctioned for charity. Moreover they Painted a vehicle live at two days event at Karachi Hyper Star shopping Mall on 14th of  August, 2014 it was the Independent Exhibition done. They promoted Truck Art at Alliance Française Karachi. They worked with interior design Company to design a Truck art theme TDAP Promotional Stall for Heimtex 2015 Germany. They did two weeks workshops at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture on May 2015. Phool Patti exhibited at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture with Student at IVS Gallery.





Phool Patti’s one of the remarkable work was done in collaboration with “I AM KARACHI”

their  Project name Re-Imaging the wall of Karachi  and coordinated by Adeela Sulman ,it was a campaign city wide movement aiming to support a counter narrative in the currently negative environment supporting message of peace , tolerance and interfaith Harmony. Walls and Airport bridge design and Painted by Phool Patti Pakistan’s truck art team. Phool Patti is once again part of the Karachi beautification Project, an initiative by Commissioner Karachi in collaboration with the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS) and I AM Karachi.12952931_1113432815375808_1158805552_o

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