Pakistan Excellence Award pays tribute to the people of Pakistan

Karachi, Thursday, August 10, 2017: To celebrate the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan, the organising committee of Pakistan Excellence Award held an awards ceremony here earlier today to pay tribute to the movers and shakers of Pakistan. People hailing from diverse fields who have done significant work for Pakistan were bestowed the Pakistan Excellence Awards. Addressing the audience, Chairman of Pakistan Excellence Award said “Freedom is a blessing. 70 Years ago, our forefathers sacrificed a lot to attain this country, which we have been celebrating every year. In this same vein some of our friends decided to lay the foundation of Pakistan Excellence Awards through which we would honour people who have done tremendous work for Pakistan. We would like to congratulate all the award recipients of Pakistan Excellence Award, and also wish the people of Pakistan a very happy Independence Day”Abdullah Sultan, Arif Ali, Mubashir Hashmi Abdullah Sultan Adeel Hussain Aly Khan Amna Sheikh Arif Ali Shamon Zubaida Appa

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