Psychopath Reaches From Gulistan E Jauhar To Suparco Couple Of Minutes Ago One More Woman Attacked!

Crime beyond imagination happened in Japan last year identical incident is happening in Karachi now! In Japan last year where attacker, attacked with knife and killed 19 at care centre in Sagamihara was news which depressed whole Japan. When the attacker admitted on facebook that he was behind the incident he was in to the police custody. He publicly expressed his disturbing view that disabled people unable to live independent lives should be killed. In February 2016 his employment came to an end after he wrote to the National Parliament about his inhuman views, later he stabbed 19 innocent people to death on 26 July 2016.

Another crime beyond imagination is happening in area of Gulistan e Jauhar Karachi. The horrific thing started from 25 September in 5 days the attacker attacked 7 women they were taken to Darul-Sehat hospital in Jauhar the criminal is seen in black shirt and pants wearing helmet on bike. He attacks from the back, such incidents are a result of jealousy, lack of education and above all mental disorder. Couple of minutes ago 30 year old woman travelling in auto was attacked latter she was taken to the hospital in same rickshaw she is the first prey at Suparco/Mosamiat.


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