Rahul Aylani Adds Colour To The Event Of 70th Independence Day Celebration Of Pakistan At MAJU.

All of the Pakistani’s celebrated 70th Independence Day of Pakistan on this 14th of August. The expression of celebration was different across country, youngsters were busy in game shows and singing competitions, media was busy with special transmissions while restaurants presented amazing food deals. This celebration was not celebrated by Muslims only the minority groups also participated equally with us, I know people from different religions including Christianity, Sikhism and Hinduism they all were a part of celebrations. Article 36 of the constitution is about the representation of the minority group in Pakistan. Moreover the white colour is the representation for minority groups in Pakistan, We all know that minorities have equal rights in Pakistan according to the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan but we need to believe this as well.

Rahul Aylani is a BBA student from Mohammed Ali Jinnah University he added colour to the event “All Pakistan Inter-University National Songs Singing Competition” organized at Mohammed Ali Jinnah University. He looked so patriotic the way he was dedicated towards the Pakistan was easily observed. He added his part by being a guitarist for the whole event and indeed his performance was superb. While JDHR (Journalists For Democracy And Human Rights) also covered and celebrated various events with minorities across Pakistan. May Allah bless all Pakistani’s!


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