So Far No Measures Have Been Taken By Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC), Search Endeavors For 11 Year Old Boy Ends.

Search endeavors for 11 year old who had fallen in to Gujjar Nullah ends, the father of the boy looks completely shattered. That is not the first case which happened, every year several dead bodies are found and some of them are not even found unfortunately. Mayor Karachi, Waseem Akhtar entirely blames Sindh Government for the overflowing roads of Karachi and it’s awful condition. Gujjar Nullah area needs to be taken seriously as already a lot of people have been victim due to the terrible shape of the area.

In the month of July The Deputy Mayor Arshad Vohra “Showed sorrow over the fact that work had been started on the Gujjar Nullah and Mehmoodabad drain last year already but it is not completed yet. As the two nullahs have not been cleaned, they cannot be effective in draining the rainwater, he said. He further lamented that solid waste and garbage are being dumped in those nullahs and no action is being taken to curb such activities.

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