is Faisalabad’s 1st Online Grocery Store

Youth is bringing startups with education, innovation and technology all together. is Faisalabad’s 1st Online Grocery Store, established by a team of Food Engineers (Engr. Qasim Ali, Engr. Mohsin Shafique and Engr. Mubeen-winners of all Pakistan DICE-AFS innovation event 2017) of University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. The tagline of is “Best Kitchen Partners” says it all because they are Agrarian and have studied in the field of Food so that they can ensure a successful journey for their family business. In spite of launching online store, working for pollution free environment these genius guys have already executed the idea addressed by Prime Minister, Imran Khan regarding the government’s performance in its first 100 days. The same idea was made a joke by opposition. Talking to Affairs Pakistan they said this idea is productive and working Indeed, they are supporting several families by providing them hens for small scale Hen’s Farming from 2017.

If you are based in Faisalabad is one stop online solution for your groceries there you will have farm fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, pulses and their exotic & special range of food varieties. They are covering almost all areas in the city. This online store is friendly user you can simply order it through website or you call and  even WhatsApp to get your stuff delivered at your doorstep. Saving your time and money, helping you cook fresh, locally sourced, wholesome food with commitment as they are not new, having born experience in farming officially engineered in food processing and currently supervising their own agro farms. They have team of registered farmers and operated purveyors. strongly focuses on 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) packaging as a Zero Waste Groceries Initiative and encourage their customers to do the same to protect our environment. Focusing on their 3R’s they have come up with a new project which is environment friendly. According to a report 55bn plastic bags are used in Pakistan each year. For one time cooking an average family of 6 people daily uses 5-6 plastic bags for fruits and vegetables according to a survey conducted. Majority of bags used in everyday fruits and vegetables shopping. These bags are also not food grade so that they cannot be environment friendly as they are not biodegradable. Instead of using plastic bags have developed a basket from plastic waste for carrying groceries and other items that can be recycled several times, they send items in basket for delivery and get it back from the customer as this stops circulation of plastic bags. These baskets are made by house wives and their family members in fact they are getting a handsome income from this project. Another basket is made from Date leaves that can be used 150 times for carrying groceries and even after that can be used for decoration purpose. They are also empowering women who are basically doing this in their homes. They are also working on their third project to use waste cotton and other fabrics to develop bags to carry groceries. hopes that they will scale it up to safeguard our country.

Currently, is operational only in Faisalabad and covering almost all areas around the canal road and the city. To do this, they are modernizing the grocery supply chain through their website and app helps you plan and shop for your food faster. They care deeply about the environment and Food Safety that is why they deliver only in insulated grocery bags that are picked-up after delivery and re-use the next time they deliver to ensure 3R packaging. Hoping to hear more innovative and tech ideas like in the field of Agriculture and Food Sciences for the betterment of our Country. That’s true that educated people can bring a great influence in any field.

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Al Hamra Town near Beaconhouse School, Canal Campus East Canal Road, Faisalabad.

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