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Rahul Gandhi Takes Up As Leader Of India’s Congress Party

India’s Rahul Gandhi takes up as President this Saturday of the main opposition Congress, he’s the sixth member of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty to head the party that has ruled the country for much of its independent history. In New Delhi fireworks were witnessed at the party headquarter Rahul, was seen wearing a long flowing white kurta, smiled and waved from […]

“Muslims are mad dogs, which must be removed from the country to save Buddhists”. Ashin Wirathu face of Buddhists in Myanmar in his sermons .

The general questions people have in their mind are: Who are Rohingya? Who are the Muslims of Myanmar? How and why are they being persecuted? And why they aren’t recognized by Myanmar government? The Rohingya are often described as “the world’s most persecuted minority” They are an ethnic group, majority of whom are Muslims, who have lived for centuries in the […]

AKD! Stock Market Guru Believes That India Will Not Dare To Attack Pakistan.

Aqeel Karim Dhedhi (AKD) believes that India will never dare to attack Pakistan as they understands the consequences of any such move. We are an atomic power with one of the world’s best army. Pakistan never hurt India nor interfere in any of their issues, India has got more than 20 groups of separatist but Pakistan never took advantage of […]

Adnan Sami

Pakistani singer Adnan Sami, who spent approx 16 years living in Mumbai, is granted Indian citizenship from January 1, 2016, reported Indian news agency ANI. His earlier request for Indian citizenship was rejected some two years back made his 2nd application to the Foreigners Division of the Indian home ministry in March this year. While Pakistani celebrities and sportsmen continue to [...]