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Countryside Chalet Resort: A Breath of fresh air with friends and family

“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.”― George Burns Picnics are the best way to enjoy the simple pleasure of life spent with family and friends. No one is elder or small we all behave and enjoy like kids on picnic. Karachi is the most populous city in Pakistan, and sixth-most-populous city properly in the […]


Pepsi Battle of the Bands is a Pakistani television series, originally based on the concept of Battle of the Bands. So many bands came on merit and showed their talent. If we talk about bands they are normally associated with their vocalist and guitar players, it is seldom seen that a drummer makes a mark on the music scene in […]

Dracula In Town

After a huge success in Lahore, Dracula – a classic musical theatrical play put together by Happy Owl Productions Lahore and projected as a Dz theatrical extravaganza (dz) was hosted at the Arts Council Theatre Academy in Karachi. The team intends to bring back theatre across the country, introducing state of the art graphics on stage. Directed by Saihaam Gulzar […]

Dr. Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic Centre Becomes No 1 Choice Of Karachiites

Dr. Essa lab is a pioneer with a vision to become a benchmark in diagnostics services. Its vision is to also participate in its own way to build Karachi into a more beautiful City and Pakistan into a more beautiful country. It wants to see the world we live in turn into a more beautiful world. We did research on […]

So Far No Measures Have Been Taken By Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC), Search Endeavors For 11 Year Old Boy Ends.

Search endeavors for 11 year old who had fallen in to Gujjar Nullah ends, the father of the boy looks completely shattered. That is not the first case which happened, every year several dead bodies are found and some of them are not even found unfortunately. Mayor Karachi, Waseem Akhtar entirely blames Sindh Government for the overflowing roads of Karachi […]

Psychopath Reaches From Gulistan E Jauhar To Suparco Couple Of Minutes Ago One More Woman Attacked!

Crime beyond imagination happened in Japan last year identical incident is happening in Karachi now! In Japan last year where attacker, attacked with knife and killed 19 at care centre in Sagamihara was news which depressed whole Japan. When the attacker admitted on facebook that he was behind the incident he was in to the police custody. He publicly expressed […]

Espetada And Madeira Red At Nando’s Pakistan

Escape the ordinary and try the #Espetada #TasteTheCarnival; flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken thighs, stuffed with garlic, parsley and feta cheese offered with a choice of regular Side and Drink (Madeira Red, Refresh Mint and Bottomless Coke) only for Rs.950 + GST #NandosPK were some posters we witnessed on web from Nandos. On 16th of September the event was organized for bloggers by Nandos in […]

Shafaq Habib Keeps Bringing Amazing Jewelry For Fashionistas

Veteran jewellery designer Shafaq Habib showcased her collection couple of months back, in an exhibition that was attended by the city’s socialites and members of online, print and social media. Habib’s designs were a reflection of the exclusivity and warmth the day holds and were greatly appreciated by the guests. Here are some beautiful images from the exhibition.

Rahul Aylani Adds Colour To The Event Of 70th Independence Day Celebration Of Pakistan At MAJU.

All of the Pakistani’s celebrated 70th Independence Day of Pakistan on this 14th of August. The expression of celebration was different across country, youngsters were busy in game shows and singing competitions, media was busy with special transmissions while restaurants presented amazing food deals. This celebration was not celebrated by Muslims only the minority groups also participated equally with us, […]

Nawaz Government False Claims Exposed, All Provinces Hits With Power Breakdown In First Sehri.

Nawaz Government (PML-N) again fails in their false claims regarding the eradication of load shedding. If we talk about Pre-Election Campaigns (PML-N) took votes on the name of eradication of power breakdown. In fact when they came in government they inaugurated several projects, announced mega projects with several countries but nothing could relief people. All the provinces of Pakistan faced […]