Twitter suspends filmmaker Nabeel Qureshi’s account on raising voice against Indian atrocities in Kashmir

I got a whatsapp message from director Nabeel Qureshi about his new twitter account when I got to know the reason of his account suspension it wasn’t something new for me. I have seen so many accounts suspension of Pakistani celebrities just because they spoke truth, they didn’t stay quiet on Indian atrocities in Kashmir and result is their Twitter account suspension. Apparently Twitter has suspended filmmaker Nabeel Qureshi’s Twitter account as the social media website claims that “it violated Twitter rules.”

“It’s because of some pro-Kashmir tweets; since some BMJ Youth Twitter account in India has got it suspended. I filed an appeal to Twitter and they said that my account is impersonating someone and hence suspended; it can’t be restored!” said, Film Director, Nabeel Quereshi.

Nabeel Qureshi is well-known for films like Na Maloom Afraad franchise, Actor in Law and Load Wedding. He is also one of the few Pakistani film directors who have worked with Indian actors. Late actor Om Puri played a major character in his film, Actor In Law.

Nabeel posted the news 15 hours ago on his Instagram story and revealed that it happened following his tweets in support of Kashmir.

The image posted by Nabeel and other Twitter users clearly shows that Twitter has suspended the account due to mass reporting. Twitter has a policy to suspend an account if it gets reported for impersonation by a large group of people. In this case, Nabeel’s account was reported as he recently posted pro-Kashmir tweets. RSS BJP always fund huge amount on social media to spread hatred against Islam and block Pro-Kashmir accounts.

Hence proved Twitter is totally biased as always.

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