Women Misread The Word Equality As Superiority

According to the dictionary of Merriam Webster, Feminism is a theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes or an organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests. According to the Oxford Dictionary, The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. These are the actual definitions of feminism, but I guess there must be too much confusion revolving around the world in understanding the real meaning or feminism, especially in the Asian countries.

Feminism was first came to the lime light in the late 18th century by a group of women who were going through the scenario of sexual harassment and sexual assault during the French and American Revolution. The women of that time had lost their husbands, children, parents and families and got raped by cruel people during the revolution and separation of communities and pieces of land. Later on, the women decided to raise their voices for getting their rights. The second time when feminism prominently emerged was for the unity of women and for promoting and encouraging the sisterhood in 1960s. The third time it identified in the late 1980s and 1990s, as a result of perceiving lack of focus on class and race issues in earlier movements. The French gave it the phrase of “Feminisme” in the late 19th century.

If we talk about the old feminism and the new feminism, we can find out a huge difference between the two. The aim and objective of the old feminism was to gain the respect and rights of women which had violently been snatched from them by cruel men. In the previous times, women used to get raped and murdered, women put of burning flames and mistreated by men even more badly than slaves, they got prisoned by men in small cages like rooms and men used them just to fulfil their sexual needs, they don’t even have right to eat a good meal. Then a group of women emerged named feminist, came on roads, and started protesting that women are also human being as men, so they should also be treated with the same value as men occupy in the society. Women of that time fought to stop such violent acts against them and regain their respect in the society.

As we can see that the world is moving fast, our society and traditions have taken a new turn with the passage of time. In today’s world, women are walking on the path of privilege. Today’s women are going ahead faster than men in every walk of life. Women have achieved everything she wished for and everything about which she didn’t even think to achieve. As time changes, society also got changed and now it allows women to stand side by side men. And then, the fourth wave of feminism started to blow around 2012 and still going on. It is mostly associated with the social media users. Women are now using social media to raise their voices for justice and equality. The new feminist group are protesting for equality, but when they say equality, they misread the word “Equality as Superiority”. These days, many videos are getting viral in which women are fighting with their parents to become a prostitute, because according to them, this is not a bad field to work in and this field is as respectable as other noble fields of the world. The women of 21st century are protesting on roads with holding banners which says to men “to cook your own food by yourself”. The movement which was once really meaningful is now plagued by individuals who just want to prioritize female superiority.

Can we stop calling this modern madness of superiority as “Feminism”? Modern feminism is about ‘a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body, whether good or bad regardless of how it affects the environment of our society’. This could be because of the increasing art of persuasive speaking and writing that has been promoted by female leaders who hate men in every single way. Something that we’ve forgotten here is the true meaning of feminism which was started before centuries for women’s rights, rights to speak, rights to write, rights to eat, rights to live without fear like men and the rights which women already got from the society.

Why we are spreading hate in the name of feminism? We’re actually creating misconception in the minds of the coming generation about the rights of women and the rights of men as well. When we talk about rights, so our religion ‘Islam’ and the universal rule of the world also gives 1% more priority to man than woman because of the fact that woman can’t do everything that a man can. If man should think that his mother, sister, wife and daughter are women too, then a woman should also think that she can never pay the things back which her father, brother, husband and son do for her. The factor of inequality and lack of rights is just a misconception of our minds. Woman should open her eyes and pores to see and to feel the freedom she got from this world and instead of spreading hate, women and men should protest and fight for love and fight for those who’re the victims of injustice whether women, or men. Until or unless we can’t change our way of thinking, we can’t change this world.

By: Sadaf Ghaffar

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